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Hoover Holler Dollar$

For your convenience, we have consolidated links below which help earn money for Hoover with the shopping you already do.


Join eScrip and make money for Hoover while you shop!

  1. Log onto 
  2. Enter the School or Group I.D: Hoover Elementary School PTA or eScrip Group ID – 500825990
  3. Register your debit and credit cards.
  4. Shop at eScrip merchants using your eScrip registered cards for all your purchases.

A percentage of purchases will be automatically contributed by the merchant (see below for examples of the fine merchants who support our school):


Hoover is now listed in Amazon Smile! It would be groovy if you created a link for all your shopping so the earnings go to Hoover PTA.
PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL INSTRUCTIONS. I know it looks like a lot, but its' super easy.


In order to receive benefits from both Amazon Smile AND the Affiliate Program, you will first need to register Hoover as your charity.
• Simply go to:
• When searching for a charity, enter Hoover's EIN number: 90-1136649 (there are many Hoovers, so you don't want to select the wrong one)
• You will be confused because Pta California Congress Of Parents Teachers & Students Inc Location: Hillsborough, CA will show up, but don't worry, that's us!
• Once you have successfully selected us as the Smile beneficiary, you can use this link to not only earn Smile dollars, you will earn Affiliate dollars as well - all going back to Hoover PTA!
**Please replace your previous Hoover Amazon Affiliate bookmark with this link - to make it extra easy.**


Add it as an app button on your smartphone! Simply:

  1. Go to the link on your smartphone browser
  2. Press 
  3. Scroll through the options and pick "Add to Home Screen"

Wah Lah! You now have a Hoover Smile icon to add to your front page so you will always contribute money to Hoover every time you shop at Amazon!


Box Tops

Hoover is now a Box Top member! Our school ID is 9680644.  You can also download the mobile app for bonus box tops now!


Support the things that matter most by using digital gift cards when shopping for your summer wardrobe, booking airline tickets, or even indulging in a latte. Read more and sign-up for the Benefit mobile app that brings purpose to your fingertips, allowing Hoover to benefit on the spot from your everyday spend.