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Traffic Plan

The map below shows the flow of traffic developed by the City of Burlingame in conjunction with the Burlingame School District.

There is no parking in the vicinity of the Hoover campus during pick-up and drop off times. If you are not within walking distance of the school, please choose one of the following two options that work best for your family:

1. Park outside of the school vicinity and walk in to campus​ the recommended route for walking is to follow the sidewalks along Hillside Circle to Summit Drive and cross with the crossing guard onto the campus.

2. Use the supervised​ drop-off zone​ located in the front of school. Enter the campus vicinity from Canyon Rd. or Hillside Circle/Summit Drive and enter the drop off zone. Please pull forward as far into the zane as possible and stay in your car as students exit.​ There will be staff members directing traffic and assisting students out of their cars and towards the school entrance.

When exiting the drop off zone, you must take a left onto Summit Rd. and a right onto Easton Drive away from campus.

Hint: Traffic is much calmer 12 minutes before school, than it is 2 minutes before the bell. For the best

experience, please plan accordingly . There is staff supervision in the drop off zone 15 minutes before school

and 15 minutes after school - we will stay with students until they are all picked up!